Beer, Wine and Whisky: Good or Bad for Your Mouth?

Those of us who enjoy an adult beverage from time to time are, no doubt, privy research that suggests such consumption is, surprisingly – good for us! Of course, with every endorsement that seems too good to be true, there’s normally a caveat somewhere. With regards to alcohol, it’s that booze simply isn’t great for…


Yummy Holiday Baking Recipes Without the Sugar Guilt!

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin pie, oatmeal cookies, derby pie, Apple Pie, PUMPKIN BREAD! – you can almost taste them now, right!?  … okay, sorry.  We probably just made you very hungry, didn’t we? Here’s how we’ll make it up to you: by sharing four great websites chock-full of delectably-sweet, moist, and tempting recipes you can…


A Dizzying Array of Choices in Braces for Your Teen

It’s time for braces! Ah, that time-honored tradition of adolescence so many of us recall … so well. Metal-mouths, tons of tiny little rubber-bands all over the place, and that feeling of not wanting air to touch your teeth on adjustment days … yes, braces. Don’t you miss it? But, oh, wow – what gift…


A Nursery Rhyme and a National Holiday

Can you imagine maintaining a 17 year letter-writing campaign to five different presidents to secure a national holiday for an idea you held dear?  Sarah Josepha Hale, author of the nursery rhyme “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” did just that between 1846 and 1863 to secure a national Thanksgiving holiday – perhaps it helped that…


The Perfect Road Map To Oral Health

On July 3rd, 1806, two years into their journey to chart the unchartered West of America, pioneer explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark reached a challenge of epic proportion – the Rocky Mountains. What next, they wondered? Without a map, they were forced to do what explorers do – explore, and hope for the best….


Don’t Like Flossing? Try One Of These Methods and Get Those Gums in Shape!

When it comes to dental floss, what’s the best kind? Well, if you ask a dentist, they’ll tell you the best dental floss is the floss you’ll actually use. That could be Teflon floss, dental tape, nylon floss, waxed floss, and flosses with or without flavors – there are a lot of choices! There are…


Broke a tooth? Don’t Panic

When it comes to winter sports, you know that the only people who don’t fall are those not doing anything fun or creative. Not your kid, right? They have to make it interesting, they have to push their limits a bit — and that means they’ll see their share of wipe-outs this winter. But what…


3 Tips to Help Your Kids Ease into Fall

August. It’s hot, summer is nearly over, and your children have already started to mourn their eventual return to school. No matter their age, for your kids, August – despite its length of days, is nearly over the day it begins. School, is indeed, right around the corner. So, for our favorite parents across this…


7 New Ways to Prepare for Fall

There are a lot of “sevens” in September. There’s the name; which is derived from the Latin “Septem,” literally meaning seven; then there’s the fact that other than the vowel “e,” the word September has seven different letters in it (neat!); and the curious fact that September was actually the seventh month of the year at one…


Band Instruments and Your Teeth

We all know learning a musical instrument enhances cognition, trains focus, and helps channel adolescent energy. There’s also the added benefit of a built-in social network of kids working to bring alive once again the musical works of the masters. In spite of all that good stuff, though, some instruments might pose a hazard to…

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